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Director’s Reel

Lethal Weapon

"...the action was great this hour (as usual), what I enjoyed even more was the emotional bond Riggs formed with Cahill..."
~Lisa Babick,

The 100

"...a devastating sequence that’s heavy with anguish and guilt."
~Kyle Fowle, A.V. Club


“I don’t remember once saying ‘what the fuck is that guy doing?’ when Matt was at the helm."
~Rob Thomas, Creator

Give Me Sex Jesus

"It’s an amazing documentary about how devout Christians rationalize their faith against their need to have happy sexy time."
~Dana Gould, Comedian


"Exceeded my already lofty expectations."
~Matt Miller, Creator

When Giants Fan Met Dodgers Fan

" many hilarious lines that made me want to laugh out loud."

No Cameras Allowed

"No Cameras Allowed brims with enthusiasm, vividly conveying rock ’n’ roll’s hectic, bleary and exhilarating moments."
~New York Times

The 100

"Crushed it. Cracked it wide open."
~Jason Rothenberg, Creator


"Director/editor/main title creator. Cult triple threat, dude. Thanks for all."
~Rockne S. O'Bannon, Creator


"It's rare that an episode turns out better than how we've imagined"
~Judkins and LeFranc, Writers

Music Videos

"I truly appreciate Matt's creative vision and hope to work with him again in the future."
~Ben Braun, Musician


"I strongly remember a fun, creative set--and it's the director who always sets the tone."
~Tony Hale, Actor