Weathered is the intimate portrait of Weather Wellington, who is caged in time by the loss of her fiancé. Retreating inside herself, Weather longs for human connection and reaches out the only way she knows how... by making doctors appointments.

The film delicately depicts the isolated world of Weather Wellington. The death of her fiancé in 1989 has left her alone in the apartment they once shared, surrounded by caged animals, piles of unfilled prescriptions, and outdated electronics.

Weather desperately longs to engage with life outside her apartment but has forgotten how to do so. Her only excursions are for doctors’ appointments, as medical exams have become her sole experience of human touch.

Just as Weather begins to lose her last shred of hope, she discovers a friend through a surprising encounter.

Inspired by films such as The Graduate, Lost In Translation, and Great Expectations, the story of Weather will be told with a distinct visual aesthetic.

To create a stark dichotomy between Weather’s apartment and the outside world, a cool color palate of muted blues and greens will be utilized inside. The combination of static, locked-off frames and slow, fluid tracking shots will further enhance the stale and methodical feeling of Weather’s inner world.

Outside, however, will be lively and chaotic using warm oranges and vibrant yellows. Long-lens shots of Weather, with a packed and busy foreground, will intensify her feeling of isolation amongst a crowd. A steadicam will be introduced when Weather experiences human touch. Time slows down as she is calmed by this sense of connection.

Production Plans
Weathered is a 35mm, low budget, SAG short film. We are currently in pre-production with scheduled shooting dates of April 19-20 & 26-27, 2008. Post-production will begin immediately after shooting, with the intention of submitting to the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

Additionally, a trailer of the film will be cut in order to generate further interest and supplementary funding, if necessary. The film will be submitted to festivals worldwide with a Los Angeles premiere.

Nicole Parker (Mad T.V.) is attached to play the role of Weather and Tony Hale (Arrested Development) has agreed to play Stanway.

The Directors – The Cinematographer
Matt Barber and Matt Webb have teamed up with partner and cinematographer Aaron Schuh. These three young talents are poised to emerge on the American independent film scene as they respectively hold a wide pedigree of experience that includes film, television, and theatre. With a united vision and passion, they have sought to build a team of like-minded and innovative individuals to tell Weather’s story.

The Production Team
It is with great enthusiasm that this production team comes together to make Weathered. Several members have already produced award-winning work and are excited to be contributing to this passion project. The producers and directors are working closely together to choose the right people to fill the roles of cast and crew, ensuring artistic integrity and success on every level.

The budget is currently estimated at $30,000. To date we have raised $17,000 which includes a $7,000 seed provided by the filmmaking team. The costs include:
•$12,000 for crew
•$11,000 in production costs (equipment, locations, insurance, etc.)
•$7,000 for post-production (sound mix, online, color correction)

We are in talks with The Innocence Mission to obtain permission to use their music in the film.